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itende +39030716526 Rudiano (BS) - Italy


A dream in the heart that looks at the future

1977. This is the year in which CARRO LUIGI & FIGLI was born, as an individual company for the design and mould making, together with turning, milling and EDM of mould for plastic materials.
With foresight, looking at the future, during 90’s CARRO LUIGI introduces in his project his children. From these years on, they refresh and enlarge the company, adding the injection moulding for production of technical parts for different sectors such as electrical, electronic, medical, technical-sportive, sea & diving, toys, house supplies, fashion accessories, hangers, telecommunication and glasses components.

In 2018, CARRO LUIGI Srl, with courage and ambition, enlarges its spaces and settles the injection department in a new production site of 2.000 square meters. CARRO LUIGI Srl counts also offices, workshop, warehouse and shipment department.

The Company

A future that starts with the idea to grow with the partners

CARRO LUIGI Srl, from 1977 offers more than the mould for plastic materials. CARRO LUIGI Srl is research, attention to the details, testing, dialogue, technical and forefront technology to offer its customers the product they always wanted. CARRO LUIGI Srl does:

  • Project and development of the design, consulting, quotations, feasibility advice, prototyping and solutions.
  • High precision mould making for moulding with engineering plastics, including maintenance, modification and improvement studies, machining.
  • Injection moulding of technical parts with consulting, production of sample batches, co-moulding of different materials, over moulding, parts submitted to high precision and aesthetic standards, with machines dedicated to the production of very small items, customization with logos, quality check with 3D optical machines, certifications and Conformity Declarations.

Quality and Certifications

Perfection is our target

The internal quality office is equipped with optical 3D measure machines and is ISO qualified, following the procedures and submitting the Conformity Declaration. Each article is quality checked, separated and labelled as conform/not conform.

EN ISO 9001:2015
EN ISO 13485:2016